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Supine Pigeon

For people who have lower back issues – and especially with sciatica – one yoga pose I use (a lot!) is the Supine Pigeon Pose. The supine pigeon pose is a basic-to-intermediate yoga pose that most people can do. The main muscles (and connective tissue) it stretches and relaxes are the hamstrings, glutes (especially the glute medius and Maximus, the piriformis (a muscle directly over the sciatic nerve in the back), and the IT band on the outside of the leg. Move and relax these and for…

For stress busting – Use Meditation

by Chuck
Meditation is a great tool for dealing with stress, especially as it incorporates paying attention to your breathing (like square breathing – they go great together!) Meditation is often misunderstood. Most people that have asked me about it think that it is somehow supposed to “make your mind quiet.” Or, that after getting good at it, it will make you dispassionate about life. Neither thing is true. Most meditation – at its base level – is about trying to ground yourself into…

Pinwheel Pigeon Pose

Between the Half Seated Twist and the full variations of the Pigeon Pose, is the Pinwheel Pigeon (also sometimes called the Shin Box). It is a basic to intermediate pose that hits the same muscle groups and connective tissues as the HST, and the full Pigeons. It’s just a step in-between. Try it out! In the video I only show one side while doing the stretch, please remember to do both sides so you make sure to open up the piriformis, IT band, and the glutes on both sides.

Not Worth the Investment

by Chuck
Check out the image. What it says. How it says it. Have you ever thought about your health, wellness, or fitness like this? This isn’t just about self-speak (though it’s about that too) – the way we talk to ourselves about our worth. It isn’t just about the cost of a gym or yoga studio membership – which can be as low as $10 a month. And, if gym/yoga studios aren’t your thing, there are exercise DVDs/BluRays, streaming internet services, mobile apps – most with very…