About Us

Chuck Kechter

Is the head coach of Artisans Restorative Fitness, and has nearly a decade of teaching yoga with a focus on alignment, therapeutics, and personal transformation in himself and others. Chuck has studied with some amazing teachers and coaches from all over the world and meshes this knowledge with his knowledge of human physiology, and sports psychology. Along with teaching Power Yoga, Chuck submerges himself into many other forms of personal fitness like MMA, Olympic Lifting, gymnastic strength training, kettlebell training, steel clubs, and Parkour, as well as some unconventional blending of yoga and calisthenics. Chuck's greatest gift as a teacher is simplifying the complex, and showing his students that they are capable of so much more than they think!

Our Story

For nearly a decade I've been working with clientele that all have similar concerns: losing strength and mobility. Gaining weight. Lack of balance. Aches, pains, and incipient arthritis. I have helped them to recover, and in some cases uncover their physical capabilities, in a safe and progressive manner. This site is an amplification of that process a way to reach more people faster than I can in a one-on-one environment.