All the Time You Need

I have a client, a 74-year-old quilter, who routinely complains about how, if she does all the things I would like her to do at home, she’ll never have enough time to work her quilting.

She had a back surgery about seven years ago, did her physical therapy, and when it was done, went home and didn’t move much (or enough) for over a year. She got so weak she couldn’t get off the couch (while laying down) without rolling over onto the floor, onto her hands and knees and then having her husband help her to stand.

She did all her quilting from her back while laying flat on the couch.

Because her doctor told her she pretty much had to (her husband also insisted), she came and started working with me at the gym I work at.

Now, six years later, she’s strong enough to waterski with her sons and grandson – along with being able to do all the other things she wasn’t able to do while she was immobile.

But, still, she complains she doesn’t have enough time for her quilting.

So, after she complained for the bazillionth time, I sat down and figured out a rough draft of how the time she has – the time we all have – can be broken down:

Weekly Hourly Breakdown

168 total hours per week

-64hrs -for sleep (8 hrs per night) – sure 😉 😃
-14hrs – (2hrs per day) for meals
-6hrs – 1hr exercise per day
-7hrs – for personal stuff (showers/bathroom/etc)
-10hrs – for shopping/doctors/etc
-14hrs – for family time/cleaning, etc
-10hrs – for reading

43 hours for quilting
More than an average American workweek.

Of course, these times can be played with and adjusted, from day-to-day, week-to-week, monthly, or yearly.

How does your week break down?

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