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How to Get Started on Your Fitness Journey

by Chuck
Recently on social media, we were asked one of the most frequently asked questions for any coach or trainer. How often should I exercise? If there was a simple answer it might be: 30-minutes a day at a moderate exertion level. That’s what the American Medical Association recommends. The problem is, nothing is ever that simple and the truth is, as it often is, “it depends.” When I first meet a client, we sit a while, while we talk a bit about their goals, their history, their overall health,…

Are You Ready For On-Line Training?

Hello Everyone, I hope you’re all well and keeping yourself and others safe! A few months ago Artisans Restorative Fitness began beta testing our Online Training Service by training a handful of individuals across the United States via the internet, using all kinds of web-based tools.  Even though we haven’t completely worked out the kinks, we recognize that now more than ever having access to an online personal trainer is important for so many people. So, we are launching our Online Training…

What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

by Chuck
This is some excellent info on the Coronavirus. Don’t get misled with the BS being promoted on social media and the interwebz! The simple truth is, washing your hands after being out in the world, not touching your face – especially when out and about – and covering your mouth when you cough will keep you 99% safe from most airborne pathogens. Still, if you have a few minutes here is an EXCELLENT video on the coronovirus that will dispel a lot of the nonsense in the media:

De-stress With An Easy Holiday Challenge

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed during the holiday season. There just seems to be so much to do – family gatherings, Christmas parties, work functions, food prep, meals, gift-giving (and making, buying and wrapping), etc.   It’s easy to lose sight of yourself and your needs.   One of the things that can help is to take a little time for yourself – a sort of reset on the day – to help recalibrate where you are in the cycle of stress/needs met/relaxation.  One of the best…

Happy Thanksgiving!

by Chuck
When you “cut to the chase,” gratitude is created from a combination of acceptance and pleasure. Be glad you’re alive – even with challenges. Things could always be worse. Be glad for your family and friends. Love and cherish them (and their time – because time is what life is made up of – and spending time with them trades the experience for some duration of all involved). Be glad for your health (despite challenges), for without health nothing else is possible.…

All the Time You Need

I have a client, a 74-year-old quilter, who routinely complains about how, if she does all the things I would like her to do at home, she’ll never have enough time to work her quilting. She had a back surgery about seven years ago, did her physical therapy, and when it was done, went home and didn’t move much (or enough) for over a year. She got so weak she couldn’t get off the couch (while laying down) without rolling over onto the floor, onto her hands and knees and then having her husband…

The television appearance that started it all

Two years ago I filmed an episode of Fit2Stitch – a PBS show centered on sewing, hosted by creator Peggy Sagars. My wife had started working with Peggy and her company Silhouette Patterns many years previously. She’d go to a seminar up in Keystone Colorado to learn how to make SP specific garments, and I’d go with her. I didn’t attend the seminar. Mainly, I wrote, and hiked and did some yoga. During our second year attending the Keystone seminar, my wife asked me if I would…

Welcome to Artisans Restorative Fitness!

Movement for Makers is changing and rebranding to Artisans Restorative Fitness – we have a new name, website and things to share. But our mission is still the same! Why are we changing? Check out the video link to find out!

A few yoga poses for scoliosis

by Chuck
A few yoga-based exercises and the protocol I’ve used to help alleviate some idiopathic scoliosis conditions.

Free Facebook Live Chat

by Chuck
I’d like to invite you to take part in a free Facebook live video, answering questions from you. We’ll hold it on Wednesday, May 1st at 8pm ET, 5pm PT. While we have some things lined up to talk about, if you have any questions about us, what we do, something specific about yoga, or fitness please let us know (put them in the comment sections below). You can join the discussion live and/or watch it later – and ask questions after it’s over – even if you can’t make it. It…