Yoga Pose Gallery

This gallery has images of various yoga poses and positions that can be of help through your wellness journey.

Please note that some of these poses are advanced! When working on your wellness practice, it is normal and healthy to feel a stretch in a yoga pose. You do NOT want to feel discomfort! If you feel discomfort, try a different variation on a pose!
High Plank Pose -
this model is showing plank performed on the fists instead of the palms to prevent wrist pain. You can perform high plank on your palms if your hands and wrists allow it
Forward Bend Pose -
this model is showing an advanced forward bend (palms flat on the ground). Don't be afraid to rest your hands on your shins or even your thighs for a modification!
Downwards Dog Pose -
this model has heels flat in the floor, which is the goal!
if you're not quite there with your Downwards Dog, that's okay! Focus on keeping your back flat, and feel free to "walk the dog" which means slowly lowering one heel at a time to the ground while bending the opposite knee then switching sides
Upwards dog pose (Advanced)
For those with low back pain, see Sphinx Pose
Sphinx Pose -
great modification for Upwards Dog for those with low back pain
Low Plank Pose -
A variation of plank performed on the elbows
Pigeon Pose (Advanced)
to modify this position, bring the heel closer to the hips
Three-Legged Dog Pose
while in Downward Dog, simply extend one leg upwards
Crocodile Pose (Advanced)
this pose activates the core and upper body