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Welcome to Movement for Makers!

If you’ve read this far in the blog, then hopefully you’re in a place in in your life where you feel you need to make some changes in your lifestyle – to continue to get to do the things you love to do: sew, quilt, stamp, scrapbook, paint, draw, etc. But, maybe you don’t know where to begin, or what to start with.

Here, at MfM, we have two main goals as relating to you, our new client – whether you’re here for one specific type of movement, a program, or on-going long-term support. Those goals are: to inform you of what you “need” to do, and how to do it. And, to educate you on why.

As you begin to use the services of MfM, there are a couple of things to think about right up front.

The first is: what the potential benefits are to you. A couple of these are, moving better, and having more freedom of movement (believe it or not, those aren’t the same things). With more freedom of movement, you’ll find, as the tension(s) in your muscles and connective tissue lessen, you can go about the things you love to do for longer periods of time, just because you’re not fighting your own body.

Undue, or, “unnecessary” tensions are an insidious part of our lives. Compensations to how we move, sit, and stand. If our alignments and postures (which are movement specific) aren’t optimal, and are repeated over a broad time, then the body creates tension patterns to “help” us to move about in those less than optimal postures. Which creates a feedback loop, further deepening the compensations.

At MfM, we use yoga as our main (though not only) tool to undo these patterns. And to help teach, learn and practice more optimal postural and movement patterns, so that we can keep on doing the things we love to do. Create art, or clothing, heirlooms, or gifts for loved ones.

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