Like a string of pearls

There’s a saying in yoga and Chinese martial arts, “you’re only as old as your spine.”
What that means is, as you get older, if you can’t move your spine in any direction, you are “locked’ into a much narrower range of movement. And, that range of motion defines what you can and cannot do. For example if you can’t bend forward at the waist, at all, or not without significant pain, you can’t pick things up off the ground, tie your shoes, or hand your grandchild a cookie.
If you can’t twist at the waist, you can’t move something from one side of your body to the other, or put a seatbelt on when driving a car.
That narrow range of motion also makes you way more prone to significant injury: from falls, unexpected shocks (like thinking there’s one more step than there was, and you misstep going down the stairs), and other trauma.
For a crafter that means you have to set up your crafting environment carefully, so that you can do your work with a minimum of discomfort. It also can limit what kinds of crafts, or projects you can do.
A fully functioning spine should be like a string of pearls – able to do any movement you ask of it.
Here is a video that shows how you can move your spine to get the most pain free movement possible, in a safe manner.

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