Mobility For Beginners: Comfortable Crafting!

by Chuck

Many crafters have trouble performing even the most basic yoga positions! Sometimes, this is due to being sedentary for long periods of time.
Sometimes, it’s because they’re afraid of losing their balance or straining themselves.
It’s unfortunate because completing these yoga routines consistently allow you to craft more comfortably, for longer periods of time.
If you’re one of these crafters, I’m happy to tell you we may have the solution!
Because, no matter what kind of shape you’re in, there is one type of exercise almost anyone can do!
It’s called… Joint Mobility!
It is, literally, about the range of motion of your joints. The better the range, the more comfort you’ll have for longer periods of time.
Joint Mobility can even be done sitting down or laying on the floor! It only takes between 7 and 15 minutes per day to get the full benefit to your joints.
And when you do that, you’re bringing increased nutrition, lubrication and shock absorption to them, which allows for more comfortable crafting for longer periods of time!
We’re about to release our new class: Mobility For Beginners: Comfortable Crafting!
The 30-minute class will take place on November 28th at 5:45 pm. Of course, whether or not you make the live class, you’ll have Lifetime Access to the recording.
We’re going to take you through an easy, step-by-step routine you can do every day to increase your comfort levels while crafting AND decrease your recovery time.
Normally, the class is priced at $9.95. However, as a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special, you can purchase Lifetime Access to the class through Monday for just $5.95!
That’s a 40% discount just for taking action now!
At midnight on November 22nd, a link will be provided for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Lifetime Access Special.
Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

PS – If you’ve been wanting to get in better crafting shape, but have been afraid or reluctant to jump in, this is the perfect opportunity to do so. Don’t miss out!

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