Not Worth the Investment

by Chuck

Check out the image. What it says. How it says it.

Have you ever thought about your health, wellness, or fitness like this?

This isn’t just about self-speak (though it’s about that too) – the way we talk to ourselves about our worth.

It isn’t just about the cost of a gym or yoga studio membership – which can be as low as $10 a month. And, if gym/yoga studios aren’t your thing, there are exercise DVDs/BluRays, streaming internet services, mobile apps – most with very low costs. With Movement for Makers – we have several videos for sale for a one time fee, that you can access forever (with more to come).

It is (mostly) about the cost of self-care versus the cost of medical care which can be up to 25-50 times higher than the total cost of gym memberships over a lifetime. You can pay $120 a year for fifty years for a total of $6000 (heck, even at $50 a month for 50 years is “only” $30000). Or get a hip replacement for $39,000 (priced in 2019). And that’s only one hip! Cancer or stroke recovery can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I have a friend who lost both kidneys several years ago. He got a kidney replacement – and just the medication to keep his new kidney alive and working (no rejection) can run up to a million dollars a year.

We pay for insurance to help cover the cost of medical procedures and emergencies, yet more families than ever are going bankrupt in the United States due to rising medical costs. A lot of insurance companies will even pay for gym memberships as a preventative measure – to prevent costly disease and procedures – especially for anyone over the age of 55.

So, you have to decide, what are you and the things you love worth to you?

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