Thank You for Your Interest in Renewing Yoga!!!

Renewing Yoga

Modified Sun Salutation

The video starts with Modified Sun Salutation - a whole body warm up, which can be done at the start of your day, the start of a crafting session, or as a warm up to your yoga practice.

Back Health Sequence

The Back Health Sequence is a series of poses that can relieve the discomfort of low back pain, and sciatica.

Towards the end there are modifications to some of the poses in the Back Health Sequence.

Hip and Hamstring Health Sequence

The Hip and Hamstring Health Sequence is a series of poses that can stretch, revitalize and relax the muscles of the hips and hamstrings, allowing greater freedom of movement, and relieving discomfort in the lower body.

Renewing Yoga Whole

Done all in sequence - the three flows in Renewing Yoga can be followed along to both energize and relax the body, creating the vitality to do the things you love to do with greater freedom of movement and gusto!