Renewing Yoga Roots

by Chuck

For years I taught yoga group classes. Specifically Power Yoga, which after thirty-five years of practice is my favorite form of yoga that I’ve tried, and I’ve tried a bunch of them.
Power yoga is distinguished by an equal emphasis on strength development, psychophysiological (mind-body) flow, as well as relaxing-into-stretch like many other forms of yoga.
After a few months of teaching groups, I’d have several of the students approach me and tell me how much they liked the class, and how good they felt afterwards – even when we did some specific strength work within the class.
And a lot of those folks would approach me about some kind of physical issue, or limitation, fearful that I couldn’t work with them. But, I could, and did.
Lower back issues, mid-back issues, hip, knee, or shoulder replacements (or they needed to do one of those things and were putting it off as long as possible). Wrist, elbow, neck… Not one part of the musculoskeletal system was left out. And that doesn’t even cover the host of neurological and immunological issues (that’s a post for another time).
As I taught, I refined my approach to teaching yoga. And after some time, I built up a collection of strategies, tactics, poses, and exercises to help people with all these issues.
And one of these collections is Renewing Yoga.
Renewing Yoga is a collection of three smaller flows built for specific things:

The Modified Sun Salutation is a whole body warmup – best done when you get up for your day, or before some kind of event – like a long crafting session. It primes the pump, gets the blood flowing, and mobilizes the body.
The Back Health Sequence is a short flow that can be done as a preventative – to help keep you from developing lower back issues, sciatica pain, and patellofemoral pain syndrome (also known as “runner’s knee), or it can be done to help alleviate those things.
The Hip and Hamstring Sequence is a short flow that helps promote flexibility and relaxation in the hips, glutes, and hamstrings.
I hope – especially if you deal with these, or similar issues – that you’ll give Renewing Yoga a try!

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Best Regards,
Chuck Kechter
Program Director, Movement for Makers

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