Attention Crafters!

If Pain And Fatigue Are

Cutting Into Your Crafting,

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Sun Salutation Lunge

You love to craft, but...

Crafting is one thing you look forward to — be it stamping, paper crafting, scrapbooking, sewing, quilting, etc. Setting up your crafting (or sewing) station, getting your materials in place, creating beautiful works for your family, friends, and buyers to enjoy.
Unfortunately, there is often a downside to crafting: fatigue and pain.

Whether it's your hips, back, neck, hands, fingers, ankles, knees or legs, if you're tired of being tired, and in pain, we have the solution:



Why Renewing Yoga?

Renewing Yoga helps to achieve a balance of physical, mental and emotional relaxation and energy, which allows you to eliminate fatigue and stress that result from your daily activities, like crafting.

Renewing Yoga is easy to learn and do, and comes with modifications for those with mobility issues or who feel the need to use them.

The cost of the program, which includes everything listed below, as well as INSTANT, LIFETIME ACCESS to the program is just $24.95!

What's Included?

Modified Sun Salutation

Modified Sun Salutation is a whole body warm up, which can be done at the start of your day, or as a warm up to your yoga practice.

Back Health Sequence

The Back Health Sequence is a series of poses that can relieve the discomfort of low back pain, and sciatica.

Hip and Hamstring Health Sequence

The Hip and Hamstring Health Sequence is a series of poses that can stretch, revitalize and relax the muscles of the hips and hamstrings, allowing greater freedom of movement, and relieving discomfort in the lower body.

Renewing Yoga Whole

All three flows in Renewing Yoga can be followed along to both energize and relax the body, creating the vitality to do the things you love to do with greater freedom of movement and verve!

What People Are Saying!

"I always feel better and more energized"

"Chuck's yoga classes are unique. I've been practicing yoga for over ten years and I've never taken a class like his. I always feel better and more energized after finishing his class!"
~Julie S.

"my shoulders... don’t hurt and my lower back doesn’t send spasms down my legs"

I have been training with Chuck for nine months.

My knees are working; my shoulders (between the blades) don’t hurt and my lower back doesn’t send spasms down my legs. In another nine months, I expect to be doing full planks to crocodile pose and standing from a sitting position without Chuck lending me a hand.

And I’m not kidding. That’s how far I have progressed in such a short time.

What I really want to do is that cute little trick he does during yoga, when he swiftly unwinds and rises gracefully (no knocking knees for him) to stand in mountain pose. Maybe I will manage a scorpion pose too. Anything is an option with Chuck.

Yes, he is a GREAT trainer, especially for us determined old souls.

~ Linda Wild

"I learned my body, at age 68, is not ready to give up"

My sister had a sign in her house, “The sign of a boring woman is a clean house.” On that subject, my house is a disaster and I am stressed. So I’m cleaning again. I only clean when I’m stressed. I also do a breathing exercise taught to me by my trainer, Chuck. (Best Trainer Ever). Between that and cleaning, I may make it.

One of the very best decisions I made this year was to find a trainer. In comes a guardian angel, Chuck Kechter.
As an artist, sitting at the computer, developing my business and website put me out of shape like never before. He was able to size up every part of my body that was “disturbed” and gave me exercises (poses) for my own personal needs. He put me on the high path of developing good exercise habits again.

I very much appreciate Chuck’s ability to inspire, teach, and explain in layman’s terms what and why a particular place gives me trouble and what to do about that place. Chuck is also very aware of the “mind, body, spirit connection” and often speaks to that. It has been a delightful and fun journey, full of surprises for me. The biggest surprise is that I learned my body, at age 68, is not ready to give up! Thanks, Chuck

~ Marybeth Coulter