Why Should I Care About Strength?

by Chuck

With one hand you grasp the jar. You reach out with the other and grasp the lid. In grabbing the lid, you are expressing the mobility of the fingers of your hand. If you can twist the lid off, you are expressing strength.

We need strength in all activities that we do. From the most basic: as in your heart needs the strength to beat. To the most complex: you want to perform a series of interlocking yoga poses in a flow.

As a crafter, you need strength to do any movement. If you quilt, or sew, you need strength to thread a needle (strength is a component of motor control), to manipulate fabric, to cut (regardless of single or stacked layers),to lift a bolt of fabric, to piece, etc.

If you’re a stamper, you have to have the strength to grasp the stamp, to use some level of force to put an image on paper. Strength to cut paper, set eyelets, punch holes, etc.

For knitting, you need to be able to pull yarn, to use the needles to for a stitch, etc.

And so on…

Now, you don’t have to be as strong (or built) like a powerlifter, or weight trainer, but you do need to have a basic level of strength. On top of working your craft, you also should have the strength to have an excellent quality of life. Because, while crafting is important, so is playing with your kids, or grandkids. Maybe enjoying the outdoors: hiking, fishing, camping. Maybe going to town for a shopping spree – carrying bags, having the endurance to shop for more than a few minutes, etc.

Enjoying life.

This is where MfM comes in. We have the knowledge, the programs, and the tools to help you, so that you can meet all your physical goals with a minimum of discomfort and fuss.

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