The Only Reasons to Exercise

It’s been said before: “You can’t outrun your diet.”

Exercise is NOT the way to lose fat. 80-90% of fat loss is in the kitchen. Exercise is about feeling good, and having, or increasing your physical capacities. There are only three reasons to exercise (unless training for a sport then there are five reasons):

1. Building/maintaining lean muscle (including your heart).

2. To help (along with your diet and sleep) hormonal optimization/gene expression – in whatever endeavor direction you’re looking to go (mass building, fat loss, optimal health, et cetera).

3. Building/maintaining your movement palette – here at MfM we enjoy using yoga as our main method for development, but this could also be: tumbling, hand-balancing, Pilates, martial art, dance, gymnastics, et cetera (there are an immense number of methods for movement development)…

The other two reasons? Strength and conditioning specific for the sport/activity that you enjoy.

If anyone says differently they are trying to sell you something – most likely, something you don’t need, or would ever want…

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