The television appearance that started it all

Two years ago I filmed an episode of Fit2Stitch – a PBS show centered on sewing, hosted by creator Peggy Sagars.

My wife had started working with Peggy and her company Silhouette Patterns many years previously. She’d go to a seminar up in Keystone Colorado to learn how to make SP specific garments, and I’d go with her. I didn’t attend the seminar. Mainly, I wrote, and hiked and did some yoga.

During our second year attending the Keystone seminar, my wife asked me if I would come to the class and stretch everyone out – they’d been sewing for 8+ hours and were all feeling more than a bit “tied up.”

So, I did.

And I did that for the next three years.

Then, two years ago, my went went to Dallas to attend the SP week long fitting seminar – learning how to fit others for pattern building. And, again, I went with her.

This time Peggy herself asked if I would come back to Dallas the next week to film a segment on her PBS series. I said “of course!!!”

This is how it came out, and started our company journey:

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